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Urgent Business

To consider any items which the Chair has agreed to have submitted as urgent.

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To consider any appeals from the public against refusal to allow inspection of background documents and/or the inclusion of items in the confidential part of the agenda.

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To allow Members an opportunity to [a] declare any personal, prejudicial or disclosable pecuniary interests they might have in any items which appear on this agenda; and [b] record any items from which they are precluded from voting as a result of Council Tax/Council rent arrears; [c] the existence and nature of party whipping arrangements in respect of any item to be considered at this meeting. Members with a personal interest should declare that at the start of the item under consideration.  If Members also have a prejudicial or disclosable pecuniary interest they must withdraw from the meeting during the consideration of the item.

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Minutes pdf icon PDF 158 KB

To approve as a correct record the minutes of the meeting held on 9 January 2019.

To receive the minutes of the District Centres Subgroup meeting on 19 December 2018.

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Northern Gateway Strategic Regeneration Framework Update pdf icon PDF 343 KB

Report of the Strategic Director (Development)


This report provides an update to the Executive of the outcome of the public consultation exercise carried out with local residents, businesses, landowners and key stakeholders, throughout August and September 2018, on the draft Strategic Regeneration Framework (SRF) for the Northern Gateway.  The report responds to the issues raised and seeks the Executive’s endorsement and approval of the final SRF.

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Northern Gateway: Implementation and Delivery pdf icon PDF 345 KB

Report of the The Strategic Director, Development


This report sets out details of the Phase 1 Implementation Strategy for the Northern Gateway. It accompanies the report that appears elsewhere on the agenda, which contains a final version of the Strategic Regeneration Framework (SRF) for the Northern Gateway for approval.


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Consultation on the draft Greater Manchester Spatial Framework (GMSF) and Manchester Local Plan Review - Update pdf icon PDF 246 KB

Report of the Strategic Director (Development)


Greater Manchester local authorities are currently working collaboratively on the preparation of the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework (GMSF).  This document will provide a policy framework to guide development across the City Region up to 2037.  It will also provide a context for the preparation by individual authorities of updated Local Plans.  In 2016, GM consulted on the first draft of the GMSF document. Following this consultation, and taking account of responses received, consultation on a second draft GMSF began on 21 January 2019. This consultation will be open for eight weeks, until 18 March 2019.


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Greater Manchester Transport Strategy 2040: Draft Delivery Plan (2020-2025) pdf icon PDF 226 KB

Report of the Strategic Director (Development) and the Deputy Chief Executive


This report presents the Greater Manchester Transport Strategy 2040 Draft Delivery Plan (2020-2025) for the committee to comment on. It has been developed in conjunction with the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework and is an important document in demonstrating how it is intended to effectively integrate new and existing development with future transport investments. The report sets out the background, the purpose of the plan and the timeline for publishing a final version of the Delivery Plan later in 2019.


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City Centre Transport Strategy - Feedback from the Responses to the Conversation held in Autumn 2018 pdf icon PDF 142 KB

Report of the Strategic Director (Development) and the Deputy Chief Executive


This report presents the responses to a conversation and engagement exercise to support the development of a refreshed City Centre Transport Strategy. This was organised by Manchester and Salford City Councils and Transport for Greater Manchester and took place from August to October 2018 and obtained views from city centre residents, workers, visitors and businesses.  The report also describes the proposed next steps in developing an updated transport strategy for the city centre taking account of the plans for growth. 


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Updated Financial Strategy and Directorate Business Plans 2019-20 pdf icon PDF 317 KB

Report of the Chief Executive and City Treasurer


This report provides an update on the Council’s financial position and sets out next steps in the budget process, including scrutiny of the draft budget proposals and Directorate Business Plan reports by this Committee.

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Strategic Development Budget and Business Plan 2019-20 pdf icon PDF 388 KB

Report of the Strategic Director (Development)


This report sets out in broad terms the directorate’s key priorities, key activities and revenue and capital strategy for 2019-20. In the Business Plan for the period 2017-2020, directorates set out their proposed savings in the context of their objectives. This report sets out both the progress made to date in delivering these savings and the directorate’s focus over the final year of the three year plan. This report is a refresh of the directorate’s Business Plan for 2018-20 in the context of changing resources, challenges and opportunities.


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Neighbourhoods Budget and Business Plan 2019-20 - This item has been withdrawn

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Overview Report pdf icon PDF 343 KB

Report of the Governance and Scrutiny Support Unit


This report provides the Committee with details of key decisions that fall within the Committee’s remit and an update on actions resulting from the Committee’s recommendations. The report also includes the Committee’s work programme, which the Committee is asked to amend as appropriate and agree.

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