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Agenda item

Agenda item

Greater Manchester Transport Strategy 2040: Draft Delivery Plan (2020-2025)

Report of the Strategic Director (Development) and the Deputy Chief Executive


This report presents the Greater Manchester Transport Strategy 2040 Draft Delivery Plan (2020-2025) for the committee to comment on. It has been developed in conjunction with the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework and is an important document in demonstrating how it is intended to effectively integrate new and existing development with future transport investments. The report sets out the background, the purpose of the plan and the timeline for publishing a final version of the Delivery Plan later in 2019.



The Committee considered a report of the Strategic Director, Development and Deputy Chief Executive, which presented the Greater Manchester Transport Strategy 2040 Draft Delivery Plan (2020-2025).  The Plan had been developed in conjunction with the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework (GMSF) and was an important document in demonstrating how it was intended to effectively integrate new and existing development with future transport investments.


The Head of City Policy referred to the main points and themes within the report, which included:-


·                The purpose of the draft Delivery Plan;

·                A summary of other GMSF supporting documents that had been prepared to support the proposals within the draft Delivery Plan;

·                The content of the draft Delivery Plan;

·                Implications for Manchester;

·                Details of a proposed light touch consultation on the document which was being undertaken in parallel with the GMSF consultation; and

·                Next steps and timescales


Some of the key points that arose from the Committees discussions were:-


·                Members were keen to understand how the relationship of this strategy and the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework (GMSF) would develop;

·                Had there been any discussions with government around further devolution as referenced in the delivery plan;

·                How developed were the proposals for a Metrolink tunnel for the city centre;

·                Was there any plans to bring back into use redundant train lines for new tram train provision proposals;

·                Had there been any progress with the need to bring about suitable changes to rail capacity to reflect the increased demand in services;

·                Did the capacity of the Metrolink provision need reviewing;

·                In terms of making improvements to public transport, consideration needed to be given to comfort, safety and cost;

·                Members welcomed the emphasis on active travel within the strategy;

·                It was felt that critical to the success of the strategy would be the need to reform bus services in Manchester and across the region;

·                What happened to the proposed West Wythenshawe Metrolink loop; and

·                There was concern that there was barrier to engagement with the proposed consultation as not many people would be aware of the link of the Delivery Plan to the GMSF and it was suggested that consultation on this Delivery Plan should be undertaken alongside the consultation on the GMSF, rather than as a subset of it.


The Leader advised that one of the main aims of tram trains was to relieve congestion on the heavy rail network as it was about increasing Metrolink provision and would only work where there was a discreet railway line that could be taken out of the current rail network to operate exclusively in this way.  He added that the Secretary of State for Transport and Department for Transport were in support for developing tram train options. 


The Head of City Policy supported the views of Members of the need to deepen the relationships between land use and transport planning through this process.  With this delivery plan and the GMSF, Greater Manchester had a holistic plan which enabled the region to demonstrate the need for more transport investment to support growth.  He added that to deliver the scale of ambition within the Plan, a recommitment by government to a transport fund for Greater Manchester was needed.  In terms of a proposed Metrolink tunnel, he advised that this was still at a conceptual stage.


The Executive Member for Highways, Planning and Transport reinforced the need for investment from government in order to deliver the ambitions within the Plan and committed to work with local councillors to identify innovative ideas for city centre transport.


In relation to railway capacity, the Leader advised that the outcome of a comprehensive review by Network Rail was expected in March 2019, which would fit into the next expenditure round.  He advised that it was anticipated that the review would identify the continued need for platforms 13 and 14 at Piccadilly station and that the platforms at Deansgate station required extending.  He added that the fundamental problems that existed on the rail network within the city centre where at either ends of the Castlefield corridor, which would need some form of substantial interventions.  In terms of capacity on the Metrolink service and intensification of the network, he advised that viable routes were required and following completion of the Trafford Park line, there would be no capacity to add additional on street services within the city centre on the current network. 


Safety and security of public transport users was taken seriously by the Council and TFGM and the Head of City Policy agreed to provide Members with more details on this.


The Leader concluded by advising the Committee that the West Wythenshawe loop had been renamed as the Davenport Green extension and was being considered in conjunction with HS2 proposals.




The Committee:-


(1)       Endorses the Draft Delivery Plan, particularly in terms of its implications for the city and plans to deliver an effective, inclusive and sustainable transport system;

(2)       Notes the timetable set out in the report for agreeing a final version of the Delivery Plan later in 2019; and

(3)       Requests that Officers relay the views of the Committee back to the GMCA.


Supporting documents: