Agenda item

Agenda item

Application for Premises Licence Variation - Behind Closed Doors, 93-95 Oldham Street, Manchester, M4 1LW


The Committee considered all the representations as part of the hearing. In reaching its decision the Committee also considered the Council’s Statement of Licensing Policy, the Licensing Act 2003, the Regulations made there under, the Guidance issued by the Secretary of State under Section 182 of that Act and the Licensing Objectives.


The Committee considered the content of the application and the representation as well as the oral representations of the applicant, the relevant case law, guidance and the Manchester City Council Statement of Licensing Policy. The Committee was satisfied that the applicant is a responsible operator and the premises has recently been operating the hours sought under a number of TENs without undermining the Licensing Objectives.  The Committee was therefore satisfied that the operation of the premises for the hours applied for subject to the existing conditions on the licence should not undermine the Licensing Objectives.




To grant the Premises Licence Variation application for Behind Closed Doors, 93-95 Oldham Street, Manchester, M4 1LW.

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