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Declare a Climate Emergency

We the undersigned petition the Council to declare a climate emergency, with a target to be "zero carbon" by the year 2030, with a proportionate share of Manchester Airport's emissions (35.5 percent owned by the Council) included in the carbon budget it sets.

Other councils around the United Kingdom have declared a climate emergency. While Manchester has set a target of being zero-carbon by 2038 (based on production-based emissions), this is not ambitious enough. Moreover, it excludes a fair share of the overall emissions from Manchester Airport. Declaring a climate emergency, and then taking the relevant actions, will show true leadership on the crucial issue facing young people today.

Started by: Marc Hudson (Concerned Citizen)

This ePetition ran from 30/03/2019 to 31/10/2019 and has now finished.

497 people signed this ePetition.