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Give us back our youth club.

We the undersigned petition the Council to Give us back Clayton youth club. In 2010 £600,000 was spent on the club and local Clayton Labour councillor said it was to benefit the local young people. All that money spent for them to close it 2 years later?? Manchester Labour Cat Smith said: I urge anyone who wants to improve the opportunities available to young people to get involved. Together, we will rebuild youth services to create a system that truly works for the many, not the few.” So why when a team of volunteers want to make a difference in Clayton do they get ignored.? We want our youth club back and we will never give up fighting.

Clayton youth club was purposly built to be used as a youth club. In 2012 Manchester city council closed the club due to funding then reopened it as a PRU which they fund? We now have 3 PRUs in Clayton and no youth club.
Kids are getting into trouble on the streets and this club is needed.

Started by: julie davies

This ePetition ran from 17/02/2019 to 18/04/2019 and has now finished.

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