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Keep the road closure on Milwain Road and Linden Park

We the undersigned petition the Council to Keep the excellent LTN scheme that has made Milwain Road and Linden Park so much more pleasant to live on.

Unlike some residents with broken caps lock keys, we the undersigned distinctly remember being consulted about the proposed changes and writing to the council in support of these.

The council should be commended on creating a pleasant atmosphere on what used to be a rat run.

The fact that some residents are calling widely consulted plans “tyrannical” and “undemocratic”, and accusing the council of somehow determining which residents would be in favour and only asking them to consult is likely to be attributed to automobile related lead poisoning or head injury.

Started by: Felix Michaux

This ePetition ran from 09/04/2024 to 15/04/2024 and has now finished.

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