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Re-Open Bailey Bridge Now!!

We the undersigned petition the Council to re-open Bailey Bridge to pedestrians, mobility chairs and cycles NOW! This bridge is of great importance to the communities that neighbour Chorlton Water park and Kenworthy Woods. Its closure has huge significance to those using the nature reserve. The bridge is an important and integral part of these communities’ wellbeing, enhancing quality of life across generations. The closure of the bridge is yet another depressing feature of decay in urban Manchester. A city where high rise development is all, and the few sparse green spaces available to us are undervalued and suffering from chronic underinvestment.

Without the bridge many friendships, intergenerational and otherwise, between people whose common ground is this conjoined green space are fractured. Putting a stop to much face-to-face interactions and cross generation activity that makes our community thrive.

Bailey bridge gives users of electric mobility chairs irreplaceable unique access to both the waterpark and the woods. There is no other disability access other than to take a circuitous route along Darley avenue, then sit exhaust high on the parkway to cross from one side of the Mersey to another. Local dog walkers that need to escape the annual summer festival vibe in the water park are reduced to a similar fate.

Perversely the now closed Bailey Bridge forms part of Manchester Council’s much lauded cycle route. This part of the route has always been well used by commuters traversing to and from Northenden/ Wythenshawe to Chorlton/Didsbury. Manchester council is spending £millions on polluted ill-conceived road cycle routes that run thorough Chorlton. Whilst the traditional routes that run parallel through the park, along and across the Mersey are in disrepair and closed through a combination of the council’s poor prioritisation, neglect, and negligence.


Started by: Elizabeth Bain

This ePetition runs from 02/04/2024 to 01/07/2024.

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