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Agenda item

Agenda item

122300/FO/2019 - Merseybank Playing Fields, Waterford Avenue, M20 2ZN - Didsbury West Ward

The report of the Director of Planning, Building Control and Licensing is enclosed.


The committee considered an application for the erection of single storey building to form sports changing rooms, function room, cafe facilities and meeting room following demolition of existing changing facilities building together with car parking and creation of new vehicular and pedestrian access off Mersey Crescent, and associated external works.


The Planning Officer reported that additional representations had been received raising the following concerns:

               Parking arrangements and the impact on the surrounding residential areas.

               The incidence of crime resulting from the access and proximity of the river.

               Damage to road surfaces due to parking and road use by visitors to the facility with any damage to be repaired.

               Local accessibility to the facilities.

               A condition to prevent the sale of alcohol.


It was reported that in response to the concerns raised the applicant had responded the issues raised, in particular:

               All trees on the site would be retained.

               The creation of an access from the river would be subject to a separate application.

               There were no plans to apply for a licence for the sale of alcohol.

               The size of the facilities is based on guidance on the size of changing rooms from the Football Association.

               The design and location of the facility has been proposed to minimise the impact on residents.

               The opening hours of the facility will be – 0800 to 2100hrs Monday to Saturday and 0900 to 1800hrs on Sunday.


A representative for the applicant addressed the Committee and explained that the existing club site had gone beyond it’s useful life and the site was being used by unauthorised motorbikes and quadbikes as well as other anti-social behaviour also taking place. The proposal would provide new facilities for the local community to use and benefit from and this would make the site a safer area. Fletcher Moss Rangers Community Football Club had taken over the site as a community asset transfer and from lengthy consultations with stakeholders a business case was produced that had confirmed there is demand for the proposed facilities.


Councillor Kilpatrick (Ward Councillor) addressed the Committee and in welcoming the proposal also referred to the concerns of local residents on the West Didsbury estate regarding limited road access via Mersey Crescent and Craigmoore Avenue. Other concerns included the proximity of the development to residential properties and the change to the footprint of the building on the site. Residents also requested that if the Committee was minded to approve the application, it was important to ensure that conditions were added to address issues such as:

               ensuring repairs to the road were carried out on damage caused by vehicles of visitors to the development;

               limiting hours on the sale of alcohol at the development;

               the use of marshals to control parking on match days.


Councillor Leech (Ward Councillor) addressed the Committee and referred to inconsiderate parking and the importance of including a condition to require marshals to control parking. The retention of a tree near to the entrance of the site was also welcomed.


The Chair invited members of the Committee to comment on the application.


Members referred to the retention of trees on the site, the proposed travel plan and the inclusion of additional cycle stands. Officers were also asked what controls could be introduced to prevent the sale of alcohol on the site premises.


Planning Officers reported that consideration had been given to the concerns of local residents and an amendment had been made to the access to the site, also the number of parking spaces had been increased to 103 spaces. The Committee was informed that all trees on the site would be retained. As part of the travel plan for the site, a requirement for car parking marshals and additional cycle stands would be added as additional conditions. The Committee was informed that the sale of alcohol was not a planning issue and would be subject to premises licensing legislation.




To approve the application subject to the conditions and reasons set out in the report and the amendments set out the late representations, as submitted and subject to additional conditions being added relating to the requirement for car marshals on match days and the inclusion of additional cycle parking stands.


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