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Agenda item

Agenda item

Application for a Review of a Hackney Carriage Driver Licence and a Private Hire Driver Licence (RQ) [additional item of business]

The report of the Head of Planning Building Control and Licensing is attached.


The Committee have considered all the evidence in this case. The convictions the driver has are spent and have not been taken into account when the Committee have made their decision. The Committee can considered the allegations before them and they must consider them on the civil standard of proof which is the on the ‘balance of probabilities’.


The Committee are concerned about the number of allegations and a pattern of behaviour which has occurred over a significant period of time. The Committee have taken into account that the driver was subject to a DVPO and the driver accepted when questioned that he had consented to this order. The Committee considered the test which the Magistrates would have had to be satisfied of before making an order. The court would have concluded that on the ‘balance of probability’ that an order is made to protect a person from violence or a threat of violence because the court has found that the driver had been violent towards or threatened violence towards that person and that an order is necessary to protect a person from violence or a threat of violence. This is relevant evidence to whether the driver was a’ fit and proper person’.

Further the Committee have taken into account the statements from GMP when making their decision and the findings of the officers.


The Committee considered the references and petition, however in light of the above they concluded the driver was not a fit and proper person to hold a private hire and hackney carriage drivers licence. 




To revoke both licences.


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