Agenda item

Agenda item

Making Manchester Fairer: Tackling Health Inequalities in Manchester 2022-2027

The report of Deputy Director of Public Health is enclosed.


The Board considered the report of the Deputy Director of Public Health that described the key achievements of the Making Manchester Fairer programme in September as well as an update on the Communities and Power Theme and the Race & Health Education Programme.


The report and accompanying presentation described that a comprehensive and immersive education programme on Race and Health Equity had been developed and commissioned. The programme was launched on 18 September at the Manchester Art Museum with partners from across the council, health, and housing attending.  75 people had been invited as the first cohort which would enable our workforce to be better informed, equipped and confident to implement the right solutions that will improve outcomes for communities experiencing racial inequality and discrimination.


The report and accompanying presentation further described that a Communities and Power Steering Group, co-chaired by Manchester City Council’s Deputy Leader Cllr Rahman, and Executive Member for Vibrant Neighbourhoods Cllr Igbon, had been established to drive forward the actions outlined within the two Manchester-specific themes of (i) Tackling systemic racism and discrimination, and (ii) Communities and power. The Communities and Power Steering Group work had developed several workstreams that would support the delivery of the aims and objectives of the MMF Action Plan.


The Chair invited questions from the Board.


A member asked if there is an opportunity for partners to join up existing workstreams relating to race and racism in the workplace to help amplify the approach across Manchester. With reference to neighbourhood working, and in particular community development work, the comment was made that it is important for community-based roles/skills to be co-ordinated to ensure that the same approach and methodology are used whenever the community is being engaged and amplify this across Manchester.  


It was reported that the work to amplify workstreams is already taking place through the regular meetings with those linked to the various organisations involved. Highlighting the work would be discussed to decide how to best showcase what is happening and how specialist skills are used.


In response to a comment made on the importance of achieving the correct narrative for a holistic approach from organisations, the board was informed that partners involved in housing had set up a task group to work on all eight themes to engage with communities and reflect on the approach of the organisation. The task group has enabled specific matters to be addressed in a joined-up approach from the partner organisations.  


A member referred to the Community Development Review and the importance of ensuring service users have a voice and that the voice is heard and asked how the services users will know they have been heard and how will that help to shape future actions.


It was reported that the maturity assessment quality standards will measure how the information received is used and will feed back to the participants on any action taken on issues raised. The Community and Residents Involvement Framework provides a description of the arrangements for engagement and accountability.  A Making Manchester Fairer Community Forum will be established for residents with a lived experienced to help input on the best way to hold Making Manchester Fairer to account.


The Chair stated that it is important to reflect on what has taken place during the last twelve months on the work to develop Making Manchester Fairer and what has been achieved in that time. The initiative involves key stakeholders from across Manchester and it is important to maintain a spirit of versatility with integrity to ensure that tackling health inequality is the central focus while working towards Making Manchester Fairer a whole Council approach. Monitoring the delivery of the initiative will be the key to assure the residents of Manchester that the right approach has been taken.   


Acknowledgement was given to the work undertaken by the lead officers involved in the two themes presented.




The Board noted the report.

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