Agenda item

Agenda item

135048/FO/2022 - Northern Lawn Tennis and Squash Club, Palatine Road, Manchester, M20 3YA - Didsbury West Ward

The report of the Director of Planning, Building Control and Licensing is enclosed


The Committee considered the report of the Director of Planning, Building Control and Licensing that related to the erection of an 8.3 metre-high building to house two padel tennis courts, with associated lighting and infrastructure.


The proposed building is situated centrally within an existing tennis club and seeks to provide two new courts for padel – a relatively new racquet sport similar to a mix between tennis and squash. The application site is situated within Blackburn Park Conservation Area.


In response to the application as originally submitted 51 representations have been received. 28 in support, 1 neutral and 22 of which object to the proposal. Following revised information and a further period of renotification, 10 additional representations have been received, including 1 in support, 1 neutral response and 8 objections.


The planning officer confirmed that this second application for the same site as the previous application was for a new build indoor court.


The applicant attended and addressed the Committee, stating the club had engaged with acoustic consultants and that acoustic fencing was also proposed. The Padel Courts would address the lack of tennis courts across the City.


Councillor Hilal addressed the Committee as ward councillor regarding concerns in relation to noise and requested the Committee to hold a site visit.


The planning officer stated that there was an acoustic report submitted and added that environmental health officers were satisfied that the noise impacts were acceptable. There was a condition to ensure that acoustic insulation is installed alongside an acoustic fence. Expert officers at the council were assuring the planning officer that impacts would not be unacceptable.


Councillor Flanagan stated that he understood the need for such facilities in Manchester but had concerns about noise.


The planning officer stated that the advice received gave an assurance that noise would be mitigated.


Councillor Leech noted issues relating to noise but felt that a site visit would not help the Committee.


Councillor Davies stated that noise was the main issue here but felt that a site visit would not help the Committee. She added that it would not be likely that the Committee could check other padel courts as part of their decision-making process. Councillor Davies felt that sustained durations of padel court use and the noise from this may not be acceptable and added that all individuals have a different tolerance level to noise. Noise is known to have an adverse effect on health. Councillor Davies supported Councillor Flanagan’s comments and felt that the Committee required a greater understanding of noise mitigation.


The Director of Planning noted Councillor Davies having proposed a reason to defer the application, to have a greater understanding of noise mitigation, adding that the report could return to the Committee in more detail.


Councillor Flanagan expressed that it may be helpful to have a site visit with an acoustic/noise expert to explain but added that a deferral could also be considered.


Councillor Andrews proposed a motion to defer the application for the Director of Planning to arrange a more detailed report to come before the Committee.


Councillor Flanagan seconded the proposal.


Councillor Davies requested that the future report contained information in less-technically detailed terminology also.


The Director of Planning stated that they could have a colleague from environmental health to join the meeting to address any concerns.




The Committee resolved to defer the application for the Director of Planning to arrange for a more detailed report regarding noise mitigation to come before the Committee, at a later date.

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