Agenda item

Agenda item

134603/FO/2022 - Pellowe House, Francis Road, Manchester, M20 9XP - Withington Ward

The report of the Director of Planning, Building Control and Licensing is enclosed.


The Committee considered the report of the Director of Planning, Building Control and Licensing that presented an application for the erection of a three-storey building to provide 24 apartments following demolition of existing buildings including creation of a new vehicular access from Francis Road, parking provision, landscaping and associated works.


The application site currently contains a former industrial building that previously contained a commercial laundry with areas of hardstanding to the front and rear used for vehicle parking associated with the use. The building on the application site is vacant.


The planning officer did not add anything by way of a statement.


No objector to the application attended or made any representations.


The application’s agent attended but did not wish to add anything to the printed report as no objector had attended to make representations.


Councillor Lyons enquired whether the scheme was affordable or social and also rent and/or shared ownership.


The planning officer stated that the scheme was either for affordable or social rented accommodation which will be decided through discharging a condition of planning permission for 100% rented product, managed by the registered provider.


Councillor Leech stated that he knew this area fairly well and questioned the lack of 100% off-street parking for the scheme, with parking being a problem in this location. Councillor Leech was not convinced that the scheme would not add to additional car journeys or further parking issues in this area, noting that Christies Hospital extended parking scheme areas which has experienced problems. He noted that there were more electric vehicle charging points to come but asked what would happen for cars with no parking space for this development. Previous planning applications for this site had been deemed not sustainable at 16 places for 16 dwellings and yet this scheme had been deemed suitable at 62% parking. Councillor Leech concluded by stating that affordable rented property was welcome, but should the Committee approve them if the parking was not sustainable.


The planning officer stated that there was a balance to be struck with what exists at the site already. Currently there was a factory building with limited parking on site whereas this was a scheme with a travel plan including public transport links and 100% cycle parking for all dwellings, and therefore, fully sustainable. The planning officer asked the Committee to consider the merits of this application and noted the 4 electric vehicle charging points with more to follow. Additionally, the scheme was worthy of approval on its own merits, regardless of its offer of 100% affordable rented property.


Councillor Leech noted the report stating the need for people to downsize who are under-occupying their properties. Councillor Leech felt that the majority of tenants for these dwelling places would be older people who would be less likely to cycle, adding that there was a need for larger homes in the area, contrary to the comments in the report.


The planning officer referred to his previous statement with nothing further to add.


Councillor Flanagan stated that he would not put car parking before affordable housing, was in agreement of turning a run-down warehouse into affordable rented accommodation and moved the officer’s recommendation of Approve for the application.


Councillor Davies seconded the proposal, adding that the city has seen a reduction in car ownership and that this should be further encouraged, and that down-sizing would free up larger family homes whilst allowing single occupants to have a more affordable solution.

Councillor Lyons added that car ownership in the city was at 44% and added that there was a need to move with the technology of the times.




The Committee resolved to agree the application for the reasons detailed in the reports submitted.

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