Economy Scrutiny Committee - Thursday, 11th February, 2021 10.00 am

Venue: Virtual meeting - Webcast at

Contact: Michael Williamson 

No. Item


Urgent Business

To consider any items which the Chair has agreed to have submitted as urgent.



To consider any appeals from the public against refusal to allow inspection of background documents and/or the inclusion of items in the confidential part of the agenda.



To allow Members an opportunity to [a] declare any personal, prejudicial or disclosable pecuniary interests they might have in any items which appear on this agenda; and [b] record any items from which they are precluded from voting as a result of Council Tax/Council rent arrears; [c] the existence and nature of party whipping arrangements in respect of any item to be considered at this meeting. Members with a personal interest should declare that at the start of the item under consideration.  If Members also have a prejudicial or disclosable pecuniary interest they must withdraw from the meeting during the consideration of the item.


Minutes pdf icon PDF 229 KB

To approve as a correct record the minutes of the meeting held on 14 January 2021.


Growth and Development Directorate Budget - Final Proposals 2021/22 pdf icon PDF 613 KB

Report of the Strategic Director (Growth and Development) attached


This report provides an updated Growth and Development 2021/22 budget and sets out the 2021/22 savings proposals which reflects any feedback from both the November and January Scrutiny committees.

Additional documents:


Skills and Adult Education

The following suite of reports are to aid the Committee’s understanding of the demand and supply of skills & adult education in the City, where the skills shortages and challenges are and how national and regional policy and commissioning and local delivery responds to these opportunities and challenges.



Overview and Context pdf icon PDF 302 KB

Report of the Director of Inclusive Economy attached


This report provides an overview of the supply and demand of skills and adult education in the city.  It highlights the city's skills shortages and challenges and on the impact of Covid-19 on skills provision and labour market requirements. It also provides an update of some of the national and regional policy responses and commissioning, which are to supporting local delivery in responding to these challenges and opportunities.


GM Digital pdf icon PDF 1 MB

Presentation from the Industry Skills Intelligence Lead (Greater Manchester Combined Authority) attached


The presentation provides an oversight on how the Combined Authority is ensuring an appropriate talent pipeline for the economic growth of the city region.


Manchester Adult Education Service (MAES) update pdf icon PDF 316 KB

Report of the Head of MAES attached


The purpose of this report is to provide information on MAES performance in 2019/20, the challenges of COVID-19 and the impact on residents in 2019/20 and 20/21 academic years and the service response and how this will affect future delivery.




The Manchester College Strategy and Performance Update pdf icon PDF 281 KB

Report of the Principal and Deputy Chief Executive: The Manchester College/LTE Group attached


This report provides an update on The Manchester College’s progress, performance and contribution to Manchester’s work and skills outcomes since the last report to the Economy Scrutiny Committee in 2019.

Additional documents:


LTE Estates Strategy pdf icon PDF 284 KB

Report of the Strategic Director (Growth and Development) and the Chief Executive, LTE Group attached


This report provides an update on the delivery of the LTE Estate Strategy, during which leading edge facilities will be developed for post-16 education and skills training serving Manchester and the wider Greater Manchester (GM) Area.



Economy COVID19 Sit Rep Report pdf icon PDF 672 KB

Report of the Strategic Director (Growth and Development) attached


This report provides Committee Members with a further update summary of the current situation in the city in relation to COVID-19 and an update on the work progressing in Manchester in relation to areas within the remit of this Committee. 


Overview Report pdf icon PDF 306 KB

Report of the Governance and Scrutiny Support Unit attached


This report provides the Committee with details of key decisions that fall within the Committee’s remit and an update on actions resulting from the Committee’s recommendations. The report also includes the Committee’s work programme, which the Committee is asked to amend as appropriate and agree.