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Protect Chorlton precinct shops & review Chorlton development plans

We the undersigned petition the Council to Take steps to ensure shopkeepers in Chorlton Precinct stay put until firm redevelopment plans and planning permission has been approved and the work scheduled to start. Take steps to ensure current shops in Chorlton Precinct are offered genuine alternative premise and given incentives to stay when redevelopment starts. Arrange regular widely publicised consultation meetings about the redevelopment before notices to quit is given or the bulldozers move in so people can say what they do and don't want.

We would like shopkeepers to stay put until firm plans are in place otherwise the precinct will fall into further disrepair if it is mothballed.

We would like more effort taken to keep the current shops open in Chorlton before any work on the precinct begins. If they leave chances are they won't return.

We would like clarification about plans for the precinct.

GMPF purchased Graeme House and the precinct. The plans from 2017 indicated a retail led development with communal space and some residential space. In about 2020 Councillors indicated a desire to enhance the Chorlton 'brand' and protect our unique character and work closely with shop keepers.

In March 2023 we have learnt that shopkeepers in the precinct were not offered viable alternatives or supported in any way to remain open. They were told to vacate their units on 1st December 2023!

TJ Morris owners of Quality Save have said the shop will close in October and stated that they would 'love to stay in Chorlton'.

The most recent correspondence now stresses 'residential led' development with no mention of communal space or improved or increased retail units.

We want to know what is the overall longterm plan for our town.
Is there a maximum target for additional housing in the area?
Are we anywhere near?
Is there a target and plan to improve and increase facilities in Chorlton Cross.

Started by: Michelle Haller

This ePetition ran from 06/04/2023 to 31/07/2023 and has now finished.

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