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Traffic Calming Measures

We the undersigned petition the Council to Make South Lea Road and the surounding roads a LTN.

Every day I watch people speed down our 20 mph street. It is pretty much a single lane due to parking. I'm happy for people to park their cars there. I'm just sick of people speeding through to get to the a34. There has been 2 major traffic collisions at the top of my road since i've lived here. 1 of which required the air ambulance. The speed bumps in place do nothing to deter drivers from being irresponsible therefore I suggest we block both Southlea road and Briarfield Road at the railway bridges. Briarfield Road contains Lady Barn Primary School and I would not like to see the traffic I get on my street simply moved up to there.

Started by: Ashley Daniel

This ePetition runs from 21/04/2023 to 21/08/2023.

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