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Secure Dogwalking Space in the Chorlton/South Manchester Area

We the undersigned petition the Council to Fund the secure fencing of an area in one of the parks located in the Chorlton area (namely Chorlton, Longford or Alexandra Park) for dogwalking and socialising purposes.

The Chorlton area in South Manchester is home to many beautiful parks and green spaces along with many homes and families that own dogs. However, there is no completely secure place in the local area to walk and safely socialise dogs for those owners who own dogs but do not feel comfortable letting their dogs off in green spaces due to:

- Traffic conditions surrounding the parks
- Other activities that take place within these parks e.g. football or frisbee golf
- Other dog owners with potentially reactive dogs

The creation of a completely secure, fenced area in one of the local parks would ensure a safe space for dog owners to freely exercise and socialise their dog without fear or imposition on the above factors. It would also give other dog owners with reactive dogs, people with bikes, people playing sports, young families or any other member of the public enjoying the area to do so with a reduced risk of interference from dog owners.

It would help create and strengthen existing community in the South Manchester and Chorlton area, whilst also creating an opportunity for public space development and more inclusive events for dog owners and the rest of the public alike.

Other councils across the country have funded the creation of similar spaces in the past (for example an area in Withdean Park, Brighton & Hove) so there is no reason why it should not be possible in such a wonderful area such as South Manchester.

Started by: Star McFarlane

This ePetition runs from 04/01/2023 to 30/06/2023.

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