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Save the Bradford Road Gas Works

We the undersigned petition the Council to This petition has been set up to fight against the demolition of the Bradford Road Gas Works between Ancoats and Miles Platting. There are 2 remaining gas holders around 400m apart (one between Bradford Road and the Ashton Canal, and the other on Alan Turing Way), with a demolition application being approved by Manchester City Council for the former in May 2022, and works due to start from September 2022. The Bradford Road gas holder was originally built in c1892 and serviced households well into the 20th century but has since been cleared for redevelopment. The holders dominate the skyline and are an integral part of the area’s industrial heritage, alongside many listed mills that also sit along the Ashton Canal.

The National Grid – who own the gas works – have said that they have no firm plans for the land, but have indicated that it will likely be used to build homes. I understand that it may not be feasible for the gas holders to be left idle as they currently are, but I would urge the council to go back on their decision to approve the demolition and instead work with the National Grid and their preferred developer to make the gas holders part of the plans for the new development. It is not acceptable to erase the industrial history of this local area. We need to save Manchester’s heritage!

Started by: Robert Fellows

This ePetition ran from 21/07/2022 to 07/09/2022 and has now finished.

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