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Let’s make Manchester’s streets cleaner and tidier

We the undersigned petition the Council to I recently moved to Manchester with my family. The city amazed me with its beauty and architecture, but I was very upset by the amount of garbage on the streets of this great city. I propose to equip more wastebaskets on the streets of the city, on the banks of the canals, near pubs, where people leave a mountain of drunk bottles and also arrange services for the timely removal of this garbage.

What prompted me to write this petition was the fact that I can look at Manchester with an open mind as a newcomer. And I don't want hundred thousands of visitors to our beautiful city to be disappointed with the disorder and untidiness of the streets of our city. And they could admire and enjoy the beauties of Manchester from the bottom of their hearts, and so that after leaving for their home countries, they would have very pleasant and bright memories of our city, and so that they would like to return again and again to our dear Manchester.

Started by: Sevda Zulfigar (Myself)

This ePetition runs from 12/06/2022 to 11/08/2022.

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