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Improvements to Northenden NCN 62 to connect directly to princess road and further to chorlton cum hardy

We the undersigned petition the Council to Dear Manchester city council I am a resident of Northenden. Northenden is very close to didsbury however there is very little access to the rest of the area that is connected to Manchester such as chorlton and also there is a lack of transport in this area. I would like to ask if they can be any work that can be done on the following road NCN 62 This is a walking zone which connects Northenden to chorlton cum hardy and unfortunately it is not very efficient for pedestrians because of the lack of lightning and surface pavement. There is no shortcut to chorlton cum hardy unless you have to go through what is referred to as the woods and this is not safe for anybody hence this is why the pavements are not very popular. I believe that people want to enjoy walking and cycling and would appreciate if this road is developed so that people can commute without going to Palatine road which is connected to didsbury. Please could I get in touch with whoever is responsible for Northende

You can find NCN 62 using Google maps. It is just before you see the mains bridge which is the M60 under palatine road. This route is not safe for cyclist due to its lack of maintenance and condition.

Palatine road swerves to the right as you go forward hence you move further away from chorlton which increases the distance for going to chorlton or any nearby amenities on the left side. The other possible way to walk to chorlton is to take the route alongside the m56 but this is not safe due to lack of lightning. Pathways should be improved and whilst money is spent developing cyclist lanes in chorlton there is a disconnection of healthy walking to nearby surrounding areas. The clean air initiative will help improve air quality but it is not enough for residents to enjoy walking and cycling to those areas

Started by: Abir Ahmed (None)

This ePetition runs from 02/04/2022 to 01/06/2022.

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