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Give Marcus Rashford Freedom of Manchester

We the undersigned petition the Council to award Marcus Rashford the Freedom of the City of Manchester in recognition of his campaigning to end child poverty, the defiance he has shown in the face of racial abuse and the inspiration he has given young people across our great city.

The gatherings at the mural in Withington reflects the true Manchester and has brought people together in defiance of hate. Honouring Marcus Rashford with the Freedom of the City will serve as further long-lasting inspiration, particularly to young people, that regardless of background it is possible to achieve your dreams. The current list of individuals who have been awarded the Freedom of City, whilst deserving, does not reflect the diversity of Manchester. It is well overdue that people from backgrounds such as Marcus ought to be recognised for their contributions to the city. Whilst Marcus has previously been awarded the City of Manchester Award, the awarding of the Freedom of the City is a more recognisable and higher honour which, especially given recent events, better reflects the contribution he has made to the life of Manchester.

Started by: April Preston (April Preston)

This ePetition runs from 14/07/2021 to 12/09/2021.

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