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Speeding on Kingsway

We the undersigned petition the Council to Myself and other residents would like the Council to help combat the continuous Speeding that takes place on Kingsway (Didsbury).

There are Speeding cameras on Kingsway but the ones that are located close to the pedestrian lights (Fairmile Rd are near to the lights) do not seem to work because the speeding of cars and motorcycles alike is a continuous nuisance and danger to everyone around the area. I and many others have been complaining about this situation for a very long time, but nothing ever gets done about it. Enough is enough and I hope it doesn't take someone being injured or killed for the Council to do anything about this.

Started by: Joanne Stamper

This ePetition runs from 10/05/2021 to 09/08/2021.

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