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Ringway Road speed issue

We the undersigned petition the Council to There is a serious speed issue on Ringway Road where cars speed down here at about 70 MPH and motor bikes close or above 100. There has been 2 cats run over while I've lived here and my cat I'm terrified when he goes up. There are currently speed bumps on Ringway Road but are very few and small. I am aware its a emergency route but then emergency vehicle have to turn onto shadow moss Road where the speed bumps are extensively larger and have no speeders along there. I am worried that one day a car will loose control and go into the front of somebody's house or run some wildlife or pedestrian over and cause serious injuries.

I have already done a paper petition and everybody on Ringway signed and I would really appreciate it if you signed this petition even if you don't live on Ringway Road.

Started by: Jamie Yearsley-Ward

This ePetition runs from 02/02/2021 to 01/04/2021.

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