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Vote for residents within the Corkland Rd/ Sandy Lane Low Traffic Neighbourhood Trial

We the undersigned petition the Council to give the residents living within this proposed Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) a simple vote, after the trial period, on whether we wish to make the planter road filters permanent or wish to have them removed. (The trial closures of roads to through vehicle traffic within our estate are to be by large planters placed on sections of Hartington Rd, Torbay Road, Dartmouth Rd, Dawlish Rd and Sandy Lane )

The temporary filter measures to be trialled will affect over 800 households living within the proposed LTN area. We very much appreciate that these filters will be adapted in response to our feedback during the trial, and every effort made to ensure they work for all residents. However, there is currently no mechanism for residents in place to request removal of the filters/ planters at the end of the trial.

After all the feedback adaptations/ changes have been made and trialled during the period, if residents feel that it has not delivered on the promises of an improved quality of living space for the majority of our neighbourhood, then we would like the option, by way of a vote, to have them removed.

Started by: Carol Thompson

This ePetition runs from 19/01/2021 to 20/03/2021.

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