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Reinstate Angela’s Charity Drive!

We the undersigned petition the Council to Allow Angela and her Lockdown Sharing to operate as normal.

Angela, and her Lockdown Sharing drive, have had their ability to operate considerably undermined by One Manchester, who have told her that she cannot continue to share her items (which are given freely by her, and to her via charitable donations), on the front of her property.
This initiative has never blocked the pavement, which is One Manchester’s claim.
By removing her ability to share these items as she has, the initiative will reach less people, and thus mean more people go without help during this difficult time.

We, the people, want this initiative to be reinstated to its full operation.

More information of this initiative ms great work can be found here;

Started by: Mark Fraser (Lockdown Sharing)

This ePetition runs from 22/07/2020 to 09/08/2020.

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