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Part pedestrianisation of Oldham Street

We the undersigned petition the Council to include Oldham Street within the Northern Quarter Consultation proposal.

We fully support the proposed plans to develop the Northern Quarter area to a safer, greener place. However, the current proposal from the ‘Northern Quarter Consultation’ does not consider any improvements to Oldham Street.
Oldham Street is the biggest retail and residential street in the Northern Quarter with a characterful mix of shop front businesses, flats, cafes. These include art shops, book shops, clothes shops, record shops, games shops, hairdressers, live music venues as well host of small independent traders permanently located in Affleck’s Palace.
Arguably the Northern Quarter started on Oldham Street with the centre of the Northern Quarter being Oldham Street. The personality of the area and the development of the of the Northern Quarter as a whole in the early 90s all originates from Oldham Street which acted as a catalyst and blueprint for the development of adjacent and surrounding streets and businesses (
Over the past few years Oldham Street, ‘The gateway to the Northern Quarter’ has largely been ignored and this sadly is reflected in the ‘Northern Quarter Consultation’ proposals. Areas of Oldham Street have now become a hotbed for a number of social issues and crime. These include homelessness, drug dealing, drug taking and knife crime where just a couple of weeks ago a father and son were the victims of knife crime. This is leading to certain areas of Oldham Street now becoming ‘no go’ areas to tourists and visitors to Manchester which is damaging to local businesses, residents and Manchester as a whole.
To improve Oldham Street we propose that a similar pedestrianisation and cycling scheme be put in place to what is being proposed in Stevenson Square. The dirty and polluting buses would run down Lever Street and then back up Newton Street. This ‘loop’ would make far more sense than the proposed plans as it takes buses away from where there is the highest concentration of businesses and residents within the Northern Quarter. From a logistical perspective, Newton Street is considerably wider than Oldham Street which would mean a safer transport system.
The part pedestrianisation of Oldham Street would be truly transformative and rejuvanative to the area enabling local businesses to thrive again. The general health of residents, visitors and locals would all improve. This in turn would help to drive out the antisocial issues previously mentioned.

Started by: Jennifer Smithson

This ePetition ran from 17/02/2020 to 21/04/2020 and has now finished.

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