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Regent Road / Mancunian Way ROADWORKS

We the undersigned petition the Council to Submit a report to the public, clearly outlining: a. Decisions made in relation to the current roadworks on Mancunian Way and Regent Road roadworks; b. Who is responsible for those decisions; c. A breakdown of the costs spent on the roadworks on Mancunian Way and Regent Road (for the full period of work; d. An explanation about the efforts the council are making to complete the roadworks as soon as possible and ease the impact on motorists and pedestrians; e. A report of the risks the changing lanes and 'cowboy' cone and signing structure of the roadworks on pedestrians and motorists; and f. A clear, specific and transparent indication of the timeframe for the works.

Regent Road and Mancunian Way roadworks have gone from bad to worse! Locals residents, businesses, pedestrians and motorists using these roads are owed an explanation from the council about decision-making, cost, delay and danger! The council are accountable, and must articulate who is responsible for the over-running of the works, the impact it is having on locals, pedestrians and motorists and how it expects people to put up with it. We want a full report, from the council or Mayor of Manchester City, outlining all of the above.

It just is not good enough!

Started by: Amie Boothman

This ePetition runs from 16/04/2019 to 01/01/2020.

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