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Take back our pride

We the undersigned petition the Council to Intervene in the planning of the 2019 Manchester Pride event on the August Bank Holiday weekend. Prohibit a private organisation from erecting barriers around the village and charging to enter. Rather separate it into two events one as free Pride event in the village and another as a ticketed “Music Festival” at another location.

Due to extortionate ticket prices this year and the relocation of the main stage to another venue we believe the Manchester Pride celebration that takes place every year in the Gay Village should now be a free and open event for the large LGBTQ+ Community of Manchester. The amount of revenue brought into the city by the attendees of this event that is spent in the city at local businesses inside and outside the village should warrant this to be a free and open event as it is in most cities around the globe. To fence off and prohibit members of the community from attending solely based on ticketing and affordability is not one of inclusion which the LGBTQ+ community is known for. Allow business such as Manchester Pride to hold alternative events such as their “Music Festival” as a ticketed event for those who want to go alongside a free and open village. The Manchester Gay Village has been part of the success and regeneration of the entire city and should be treated as an event that is open to all.

Started by: Steven Brown

This ePetition ran from 04/02/2019 to 03/05/2019 and has now finished.

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