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commission and install a statue of Queen Elizabeth II in Piccadilly Gardens

We the undersigned petition the Council to commission and install a statue of the late Queen Elizabeth II in Piccadilly Gardens

We, the undersigned, earnestly petition the council to commission and install a statue of Queen Elizabeth II in Piccadilly Gardens. In the wake of her passing last year, our community has experienced a collective outpouring of sympathy and a shared sentiment that honoring the Queen, who held the esteemed title of the Duke of Lancaster, is both fitting and necessary.

Queen Elizabeth II, throughout her 70-year-reign, left an indelible mark on our nation's history, and her connection to Manchester as the Duke of Lancaster is profound. We believe that erecting a statue in Piccadilly Gardens would be a dignified and lasting tribute to her memory, allowing the people of Manchester to express their gratitude and admiration for a monarch who devoted her life to the service of our country.

Piccadilly Gardens, as a central and vibrant space within our city, and the place where the monument where her 2x great grandmother, Queen Victoria is memorialised, would provide an ideal location for this significant monument. It would serve not only as a point of historical reflection but also as a symbol of unity and respect for the enduring ties between the Crown and the people of Manchester.

We kindly request the council's support in initiating the commissioning and installation process for the Queen Elizabeth II statue in Piccadilly Gardens. We believe that this endeavor will not only enrich our city's cultural heritage but also provide a tangible expression of the profound appreciation felt by the citizens of Manchester.

Thank you for considering our petition, and we hope for your positive response in honouring the legacy of Queen Elizabeth II.

Started by: Lee Craven

This ePetition ran from 24/11/2023 to 23/01/2024 and has now finished.

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