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Cycle lane building and connectivity

We the undersigned petition the Council to - Build cycle lanes at a much faster rate - Connect existing cycle lanes to each other

The original Bee Network vision was a 10-year.plan to build hundreds of miles of walking/cycling routes. Almost 5 years in and very little has been built. I want the council to build them at a much faster rate. Build it and they will come. Also, I'm quite unsatisfied with how the existing lanes are so disconnected. You can have great infrastructure for a mile or so and then it abruptly stops to poor quality infrastructure. This links to the first issue. Build it faster, and it will be connected quicker.

Started by: Jesse Pam

This ePetition ran from 03/07/2023 to 08/09/2023 and has now finished.

4 people signed this ePetition.