Issue - decisions

Issue - decisions

Enterprise Resource Planning Software (2023/10/06A)

07/02/2024 - Enterprise Resource Planning Software (2023/10/06A)

The Deputy Chief Executive and City Treasurer agrees to award a contract for new Enterprise Resource Planning software to support finance, HR, procurement, and related functions. The contract will be for an initial 5-year term, with a 5-year extension option.


The need to seek a new software solution and implementation partner for Finance and HR functionality arose following the announcement of End-of-Life Security support for the organisation’s current SAP solution. The decision to award a contract follows a 9-month multi-stage procurement process.


The required software solution options are only provided within the market and there is no in-house ability to provide the needed functionality.

The decision to procure both a software solution and implantation partner within the same exercise was taken above more narrow procurement approaches in order to provide the widest variety of solutions within the procurement process.