Agenda item

Agenda item

132069/FO/2021 - Former Police Station Car Parking Area Davenfield Grove Manchester M20 6UA - Didsbury West Ward

The report of the Director of Planning, Building Control and Licensing is enclosed.


This application sought the temporary change of use of car parking area to form a builders compound (installation of welfare unit, WCs, car parking spaces and storage area) for a period of 12 months to be used in connection with the redevelopment of the former Didsbury Police Station.


This application related to a rectangular plot of land located at the southern end of

Davenfield Grove. To the south of the site lies a terrace of dwellings, namely nos. 12 to 26 Whitechapel Street, while to the north there are further residential properties, namely no. 2 Davenfield Grove and nos. 10 to 16 Davenfield Road. To the east there is a car park and servicing area associated with several commercial properties on Wilmslow Road. To the west there are a number of terraced dwellings on Crossway.


Objections had been received from six local residents and Councillor Hilal. Objections have been raised in respect of the impact on residential amenity, resulting from noise and general disturbance; the impact in visual amenity; insufficient parking; and the impact on pedestrian and highway safety due to the comings and goings of contractors vehicles and delivery wagons.


The planning officer referred to the late representation received from Councillor Hilal (ward councillor) that included photographs of rubble at the site. It was confirmed that the rubble will be removed today. The Committee was advised that if the recommendation is agreed it would be appropriate to amend condition 5 of the application, to state that no activity take within compound the place outside of the hours stated. 


The architect attended the meeting but did not address the committee.


Councillor Hilal (ward councillor Didsbury West) addressed the Committee. The committee was informed that following her visit to the site issues had been raised by residents living next to the compound regarding disturbance due to generator noise and work taking place early in the morning, late evening and weekends. The use of the car park as a compound has been recommended by officers, however the residents believe the site management rules are not being followed by the contractors. The pavement has been damaged and residents are being inconvenienced by vehicle movement, engine noise, storage of building materials and breaking down of items on the road. The cottages adjacent to the compound are small and sited directly on the pavement.  The Committee was asked to ensure that any future rule beaches of the site management rules are enforced by the compliance team.


The planning officer reported that if the application is agreed, officers will consult with the site management to ensure that the construction management conditions are followed to control the use of the generator, hours of use and the other issues raised. The planning compliance team will work with the site management to address the concerns if necessary.


A member stated that contractors could unload their vehicles within the compound and then park their vehicles away from the compound and reduce the congestion on the road. The Councillor proposed that an additional condition be added to the application requiring that all materials are unloaded within the compound area.


The planning officer confirmed that an additional condition could be added for a site management plan to require loading and unloading of materials takes place within the compound.


A member asked officers if other measures could be included to help relieve the difficulties of using the small access road on Davenfield Grove to the site in view of the disturbance and inconvenience being caused to local residents.


The planning officers reported that the proposed addition condition for the use of the compound for loading and unloading materials would provide the best solution to the concerns expressed and would allow enforcement action to be taken in the event of breaches to the conditions.


Councillor Flanagan moved approval of the recommendation with the inclusion of an additional condition to require the loading and unloading of materials take place within the compound.


Councillor Richards seconded the proposal.




The Committee approved the application including the conditions, as detailed in the report submitted, with the inclusion of an additional condition to require that contractors load and unload materials only within the compound.

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