Agenda item

Agenda item

New Premises Licence - Dhoom Dhaam, 784-788 Wilmslow Road, Manchester, M20 2DR

Now contains new information from the applicant.


Consideration was given to a report of the Director of Planning, Building Control and Licensing regarding an application for a New Premises Licence.


The Hearing Panel considered the written papers, oral representations of all parties as well as the relevant legislation.


The applicant’s agent addressed the Hearing Panel and explained the nature of the business. Currently trading as a takeaway under lockdown restrictions, the agent confirmed that this was a food led venture serving vegetarian and vegan Indian food having a bar element to the venture. The agent commented on the current licence, already in place from the previous owners of the premises, stating that it had caused alarm among local residents due to the late-night bar allowance. GMP had requested reduced hours and this had been agreed by the applicant. The agent then expressed that the applicants were doing all they could to engage with local resident objectors and were willing to reduce hours further, which the agent had confirmed by submitting a further document outlining a further reduction in hours. The agent stated that the applicants did not wish to allow late-night drop-in visitors who came for last orders of alcoholic drinks and confirmed that they were happy to add a condition in this regard. The agent expressed that there would be low level ambient music to compliment the dining experience and there would only be live music for occasions such as New Years Eve and also door staff for similar occasions. No external speakers or seating would be provided, smokers would be monitored and smoking would cease at 22:00 Sunday to Thursday and 23:00 on Friday and Saturday. The agent confirmed that no drinks would be allowed to be taken outside to minimise smokers time outside the premises. Finally, the agent confirmed that arrangements for waste disposal would be prohibited between 22:00 and 07:00 and expressed that they felt the application as now applied for was suitable.


Local Ward Councillors gave their comments which explained that there had been a problematic venue on this site in the past which had caused many local residents to have grave concerns about any future licensed premises occupying the building. As the units were currently empty the Local Ward Councillors expressed that they wished to see them being used and felt that the applicants have reached out to local residents to alter their operations and allay any fears of a similar disruptive style of venue opening in the units. Finally, a Local Ward Councillor sought an agreement to alter the timings on waste disposal to a later start time from 07:00 to 08:00 which was agreed in the discussion by the agent and the applicants.


Local resident objectors stated that they felt their largely residential area had been infiltrated by this entertainment venue and that the residential dwelling had been in situ for a longer period. The objectors felt that 23:00 closing time was too late.


In their deliberations the Hearing Panel felt certain that the applicants were reputable and trustworthy and had made every effort to accommodate and address the resident objector’s concerns and granted the




To grant the licence subject to amended hours and agreed conditions.


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