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Agenda item

Agenda item

Application for a New Premises Licence - Bisous Bisous, 66c Beech Road, Manchester, M21 9EG

The report of the Director of Planning, Building Control and Licensing is enclosed.


The Committee considered an application for a new premises licence.


The applicant attended the hearing and explained that the company had two existing premises in Manchester and this was their first application as a seating café. The main products proposed for the premises are cakes and pastries and with the offer of afternoon tea this may include an alcoholic drink, this was the main reason for the application.


Other alcoholic drinks to be served were limited to two white wines, two red wines and one rose to go with savoury servings. The applicant explained that alcohol was not the main product but a by-product i.e. complementary to main products to be offered.


Although the application was for the period 10am until 10pm, the applicant would not anticipate serving alcohol before 11 am and didn’t anticipate serving beyond 8pm as the business did not appear to be as late as they were anticipating and they had thought they may get custom from people coming in for a late evening dessert.


The applicant confirmed there was no intention of utilising the premise as a ‘vertical’ drinking bar.


The applicant addressed the fact they were aware of the objection from a local resident and confirmed that they had engaged with them explaining the ancillary nature of the licence.


The applicant highlighted that most of the objections raised were in relation to the other surrounding businesses and the issue of parking.


The Committee considered the written representations that were received from a local resident who confirmed they would not be in attendance. Those representations were read out, in full at the hearing.


The Committee was satisfied the applicant had engaged with the local resident who had objected and appeared credible in their intention to maintain a good relationship with the local residents.


Similarly, the Committee was satisfied, the application to serve alcohol from the premises was ancillary and in order to complement their main food products and that none of the licensing objectives would be undermined.


In order to address any potential issues with the local residents, they did however impose an additional condition on to the licence regarding the availability and supply of the Manager’s telephone number.



To grant the Licence with the following additional condition:


A direct telephone number for the manager of the premises shall be publicly

available at all times the premises are open. This telephone number is to be made available to residents in the vicinity.

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