Manchester City Council

Agenda item

Agenda item

Review of the Council Constitution

The report of the City Solicitor is enclosed. The sections of the Constitution where revisions are being proposed are published as a supplementary set of papers for this meeting, as it is a substantial document in its own right.


The Council considered the report of the City Solicitor regarding amendments to the Council Constitution.




1.     Agree to suspend Procedural Rule 25.1 that relates to decisions made within the last six months.


2.     Adopt, subject to 3 below, the attached revised Sections of the Constitution of the Council, namely:


a)     Part 2

b)    Part 3: Sections A, B, C and F

c)  Part 4: Sections A, B, D and E

d)  Part 5

e)  Part 6: Sections B, C, E, F and G

f)   Part 8


3.    Readopt the remainder of the Constitution.


4.    Note in relation to Part 3 of the Constitution that responsibility for the discharge of executive functions and the delegation of such responsibility rests with the Leader of the Council and that the recommended delegations of executive functions set out in Part 3 (Sections A and F) are for the information of the Council only.

Supporting documents: