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Agenda item

Agenda item

Application for a Temporary Event Notice for Kiki, 4 Canal Street, Manchester, M1 3HE


The Committee considered an application for a Temporary Event Notice in respect of the area outside Kiki, 4 Canal Street, Manchester, M1 3HE


The Committee heard the submission for the applicant and representations from objectors to the proposal.


In reaching its decision the Committee has also considered the Council’s Statement of Licensing Policy, the Licensing Act 2003, the Regulations made there under and the Guidance issued by the Secretary of State under Section 182 of that Act and the

licensing objectives.


The Committee considered all the representations both written and oral .  The Committee heard that a neighbouring business had made a similar application and no counter notice had been issued and the event would therefore be allowed to proceed. The Committee was not concerned about competition between neighbouring businesses and did not give any weight to this fact other than to consider the effect of two similar events on the licensing objectives. 


The Committee heard from the Responsible Authorities that they had concerns about congestion in the area during the event which would be exacerbated by the presence of an additional outside bar.


The Committee did however note that a neighbouring bar had used an outside bar during the Pride event in 2018 and that no problems had arisen as a result. 


The Committee heard that the operator was planning to put steps in place to limit the number of patrons at the outside bar and was not intending to use glassware.  In all the circumstances the Committee considered that this temporary event would not undermine the licensing objectives and therefore determined not to issue a counter notice. 




Not to issue a counter notice.


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