Agenda item

Agenda item

Application for a New Premises Licence for Wilderness Records, 9 Egerton Crescent, Manchester, M20 4PN.

The report of the Head of Planning, Building Control and Licensing is attached.


The Committee heard from the applicant as to their experience, the nature of the intended business and the other premises they operate in city centre. The Committee were informed that agreement had now been reached with LOOH and the Withington Civic Society following a meeting where the applicant had explained the concept of the business and how they intend to operate. The Committee were also informed that the two outstanding objectors had attended the meeting and the applicant had kept them updated on any agreements reached. The remaining objectors were not in attendance at the hearing.


The Committee also heard from a local councillor in support of the application who confirmed he had also received a number of emails from local residents that supported the premises. Letters of support from the local MP and other residents were also provided to the Committee by the applicant.


The Committee accepted the comments by the applicant that the supply of alcohol was ancillary to the sale of records which continues to be the primary use of the premises and that there would be a small selection of alcohol on sale with food and other non-alcoholic beverages. The committee also took into account the modest hours applied for and were satisfied this premises was not going to become a vertical drinking establishment.


The Committee considered the Withington Stress Area policy and were satisfied that as this premises would not operate as alcohol led and closed at 10pm they would not be departing from the policy by granting the application.


The Committee carefully considered the written representations from the resident objectors who were not in attendance. The Committee were of the view that with the nature of the business intending to operate at the premises and the conditions offered both in the operating schedule and agreed with LOOH these concerns had been appropriately addressed.


The Committee were satisfied that the applicant was an experienced operator and would be putting sufficient systems in place to ensure that the premises, with the additional conditions, would not undermine the licensing objectives.




To grant the application subject to the additional conditions agreed with Licensing and Out of Hours




1.    Any outside area used by customers wishing to dine, drink or smoke shall be clearly delineated and covered by the CCTV system which will be installed at the premises.

2.    The outside area shall be monitored by staff or door staff (when employed) regularly at all times it is in use.

3.    The area will be cleaned regularly.

4.    Suitable receptacles shall be provided for smokers to dispose of cigarette butts.

5.    Signs will be displayed in the area requesting customers keep noise to a minimum.

6.    Patrons who disregard signage and verbal instructions regarding noise will be asked to move inside and/or leave the premises.

7.    Open containers of alcohol shall not be permitted to be taken beyond the boundary of the outside area.

8.    The external area shall be cleared of customers by no later than 9.30pm daily. 

Condition 18 in relation to the smoking policy will be removed from the schedule of conditions proposed by the applicant as this has been addressed in the conditions above.


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