Agenda item

Agenda item

Application for a Premises Licence Variation for Mega Save, 205 Lees Street, Manchester, M18 8GA

The report of the Head of Planning Building Control and Licensing is attached.


The Applicant failed to attend the hearing and the Committee decided to proceed in their absence. It was confirmed that the Applicant was aware of the hearing date.


The Committee heard from GMP and LOOH as to their concerns that the vast increase in hours from 11pm to 4am every night of the week, particularly with the use of a hatch after 11pm, was likely to lead to issue of public nuisance and the potential for crime and disorder with antisocial behaviour.


The Committee also accepted the concerns of the local counsellors as to the potential for public nuisance and crime and disorder if the variation was granted.


The Committee agreed that the use of the hatch to such a late hour would likely lead to congregation of customers around the area and cause a disturbance to local residents


The Committee also agreed that the application had failed to sufficiently address how the licensing objectives would be upheld and the lack of information or additional suitable conditions put forward in the variation suggested the applicant did not fully understand the licensing objectives or how these would be promoted with the variation requested. Further because the Applicant had failed to attend the hearing they were unable to ask any questions or have any further information provided as to how the premises intended to operate, during the additional hours applied for, and ensure the licensing objectives were upheld. Neither was the applicant able to confirm to the Committee that they were aware of the current issues in the area and how they would address these issues when requesting to operate until 4am each day.




To refuse to grant the application.


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