Agenda item

Agenda item

Update to the Christie Regeneration Framework

The report of the Strategic Director (Development) is now enclosed


In June 2014 the Christie Strategic Planning Framework (SPF) had been considered approved (Minute Exe/14/055). A report now submitted by the Chief Executive sought endorsement of a draft addendum to the Framework in order to provide a context for the redevelopment of the fire-damaged Paterson Building within the Christie site. That building had not been encompassed with the SPF when it was approved in 2014.


A fire in April 2017 had caused substantial damage to the Paterson Building. A review of refurbishment options had revealed that it would not be possible to repair and retain the building and that it will need to be demolished. The purpose of the proposed addendum to the SPF was to help establish how the size, form and mass of a new building would be dictated by the core cancer research functions to be accommodated inside it. It would also show how a bespoke architectural solution could ensure that floor layouts and vertical arrangements meet the specialist research, healthcare and collaboration needs, with individual labs adjacent both horizontally and vertically to allow the speed and ease of movement of people.


Appended to the report was a copy of the draft of the proposed addendum to the SPF. At the meeting it was explained that since the meeting papers had been published small revisions to the diagrams and text of the draft had been made, affecting only parts of pages 26 and 27 in the originally published version. Copies of the corrected version of those two pages had been made available to the members and the public at the meeting so they could consider the corrections that had been made.


It was explained that the intention was for there to now be a period of public consultation on the draft document, with the outcome of that consultation reported to a future meeting, along with any amendments to the draft that arose from the consultation, or for other reasons.


The meeting was addressed by Councillor A Simcock, the Chair of the Christie Neighbourhood Forum, a ward Councillor for Didsbury East Ward, and a member of the hospital’s Council of Governors. Councillor Simcock commended the proposed addendum to the Framework. He spoke of the hospital’s ambition be one of the finest centres for cancer research and treatment in the world, and explained how the redevelopment of the fire-damaged Peterson Building would help further those ambitions.


Members welcomed the proposals to further the success of the Christie Hospital as a world-class centre for cancer care and cancer research, and accepted the reasons given why this was being taken forward by way of an addendum to the existing SPF, rather than by means of a review of the entire SPF.


Having considered the draft of the proposed addendum to the SPF, and the corrections made since the papers had first been published, it was agreed that there should be public consultation on the draft document.




1.         To endorse, in principle, an addendum to the Christie SPF to provide a context for the future development of the Paterson site.


2.         To request officers to consult local residents, businesses and stakeholders on the addendum and report back to the Executive on the outcome of the consultation.



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