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Agenda item

Northern Gateway Strategic Regeneration Framework Update

The report of the Strategic Director (Development) is attached


The area then defined as the “Northern Gateway” extended in a north-eastern arc from Victoria Station, taking in the neighbourhoods of NOMA, the Lower Irk Valley, New Cross and Collyhurst. This area covered 155 hectares, running from the City Centre to the intermediate relief route (Queen’s Road). It was bisected by the key arterial roads to Rochdale and Oldham, and the main trans-Pennine rail line and northern metrolink routes.


Plans for the regeneration of this area have been under consideration for some years. Approval had been given in September 2015 to identify and appoint a private sector investor and delivery partner to work alongside the council to unlock and deliver the significant residential potential of an area (Minute Exe/15/099). In March 2017 it was reported that the development partner had been found – the Far East Consortium International Ltd (Minute Exe/17/065). In March 2018 we noted the progress that was being made in the production of a draft Strategic Regeneration Framework (SRF) and Masterplan for the area (Minute Exe/18/028). In July 2018 we had considered a draft of the revised SRF for the area and agreed that the revised document should be subject to public consultation (Minute Exe/18/074).


A report now submitted by the Strategic Director (Development) explained that the consultation had run for eight weeks between 6 August and 1 October 2018. A range of methods had been used including a questionnaire and letters sent to properties, businesses and landlords in the Northern Gateway area, information on the council’s website and six consultation drop-in sessions for members of the public. In total 423 people attended the drop-in sessions, 98 written responses were received via the consultation questionnaire with a further 25 written representations received from a mix of landowners, businesses, statutory consultees, and other non-statutory stakeholders.


The report examined the issues that the consultees had raised in their responses. The majority of responses were generally supportive, with at least 70% of respondents agreeing or strongly agreeing with each of the Design and Development Principles in the draft SRF. The specific issues that consultees had raised were described and responded to in the report, including the views of other local authorities, statutory agencies, statutory undertakers and utilities, and major landowners. Appended to the report was a schedule of the revisions made to the SRF as a result of the consultation, and other changes.


Having taken into consideration the outcome of the consultation, the responses to the issues raised by consultees and the proposed changes to the draft SRF, it was agreed that the revised document be adopted.




1.         Note the comments received on the draft SRF and the response to these comments.


2.         Note the changes made to the SRF as set out in the report.


3.         Approve the Northern Gateway SRF with the intention that it will become a material consideration in the Council’s decision making process as Local Planning Authority.



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