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Agenda item

Agenda item

121323/FO/2018 - Land Bounded By Enterprise Way To The North And West And The M56 To The South Manchester

The report of the Head of Planning, Building Control and Licensing is attached.



Background information relating to the strategic context and designations of the application site within the Airport City Enterprise Zone are contained within the report relating to planning application reference 121270/OO/2018.


The site is currently predominately vacant brownfield land (having been cleared of trees, poor quality vegetation remains) and partially existing surface level airport car parking. The site does not include or immediately adjoin any designated areas afforded special protection, such as areas of ecological or biodiversity value, historic or Listed Buildings or Conservation Areas.


The application proposals relate to the erection of two office buildings and a multi-storey car park arranged to form a strong built form towards the M56 spur and Ringway Road West to the South. In addition to the proposed building the application seeks temporary planning permission for the use of the north-western part of the site for surface level car parking.


The applicants agent spoke in support of the proposals.  She explained that there is no surplus office space on the Airport Campus.  As with the previous application, there is a clear commitment to a local labour agreement at both the construction and operational stages of the development, to maximise employment, training and development opportunities for local residents. 


She accepted that local residents do have concerns, but told the Committee that this plot had always been a part of the Masterplan and the intention had always been that this should be developed. 


The Committee asked for clarification of the impact on wildlife of the proposed culvert over the existing brook, and whether the dispersal of surface water would be affected.  Officers confirmed that the MCC Flood Risk Management Team had recommended the imposition of conditions for the submission and agreement of surface water drainage scheme for the site and the ongoing maintenance and management of the proposed scheme, and that there were conditions in the report to fully address this issue.  In addition, officers confirmed that they will continue to work closely with the applicant to address any issues that might arise as the development progresses.


Officer also confirmed that as with the previous application, there would be a significant level of tree planting, to mitigate against any noise and disturbance and to create increased green public realm.


The Committee noted that there had been an objection based on overlooking from the 6 story building, and asked how this would be addressed.  Officers confirmed that the nearest residential building was approximately 300 metres away from the proposed office building,  which would mitigate any possibility of overlooking.


The Committee asked for clarification as to whether there had been any discussions as to increasing the use of public transport in the area, rather than private vehicles and the head of Planning, Building Control and Licensing confirmed that there was regular dialogue with both the Airport and all other involved agencies about this issue among others, and that necessary infrastructure to support the development in the form of Enterprise Way is already in place and a new ‘green bridge’ to link this and the wider site to the airport and transport interchange has been approved.  In addition, the intention is that the car park would serve not just this development but the wider enterprise area.


The Committee concluded that the proposal would provide alongside the adjacent site a catalyst for other developments in this strategic location.  




To approve the application subject to the conditions and reasons in the report and the late representation.








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