Agenda item

Agenda item

Application for a New Private Hire Driver Licence - NA

The report of the Head of Planning, Building Control and Licensing is enclosed.


The Hearing Panel considered the content of the report and the written and oral representations made by the Licensing Unit officer and NA and their representative.


The Licensing Unit officer addressed the Hearing Panel, stating that this was a new application for a private hire licence. NA had previous historical motoring convictions outside the guidelines but added that there were other matters to consider. NA had previously had a licence suspended in 2015 due to a very serious allegation. This was not proven at court and the licence was restored. In 2016, another incident was reported whereby the Police had been alerted to a 14-year-old female wandering the lanes of the East Lancs carriageway in pyjamas. NA had been at the scene and stopped to speak to the young female who wanted to go to Southampton. The police had stopped NA in their licensed vehicle, carrying the female, and it was noted that AN had the city of Southampton programmed into the SatNav. The Licensing Unit Officer confirmed that the female was in care and had transferred from Southampton to Salford.


NA’s representative addressed the Hearing Panel and gave a brief background of NA stating that they were born in Afghanistan and arrived at the age of 17 into the UK. NA was married with 4 children. NA had no convictions and had always acted impeccably. There had been a serious allegation levelled at NA but they had not been convicted. NA did have current employment but was seeking to rejoin the taxi trade as their spouse had become ill. Regarding the incident that had brought the matter in front of the Hearing Panel today, NA was returning home when they noticed a female in the middle of the road who was a danger to herself and others. NA stopped to speak to the female who said she needed a lift. When NA inputted the address requested by the female the SatNav showed the address as being located in Southampton. NA drove off with the female in the back of the taxi but in the opposite direction to the SatNav’s instructions as NA had to complete work and get home. NA was then stopped by the Police who had been alerted by other passersby on the East Lancs. NA stated that they were not going to drive to Southampton as it was the end their shift and this would be a 200+ mile long journey and NA had told the female that he could not take her. NA had been honest with the Police when they had stopped them, proven by the fact that they had released NA after making checks. Furthermore, the female had made no negative comments on NA’s conduct to the Police.


NA addressed the Hearing Panel and stated that he had offered to drop the female at Chorlton Street bus station in the city centre and this was the direction they were travelling in when the police had flagged them down. The female was begging and crying and NA was trying to help.


The Licensing Unit Officer asked if the female had requested being taken to Southampton and NA stated that she gave them the address of where she wanted to go and that this was in Southampton.


The Licensing Unit Officer asked if NA should have contacted the authorities instead.


NA agreed that they should have done so and admitted that it was a mistake.


The Hearing Panel asked why it had not occurred to NA to contact anyone about the situation they found themselves in and the distress that a young female was in.


NA stated that they could only drop her at the bus station as requested and noted that she appeared to be of adult age.


The Hearing Panel stated that age wasn’t an issue when someone was clearly in distress and vulnerable.


In their deliberations, the Hearing Panel considered that NA had not acted properly and that offering to take a young, lone female to a bus station in pyjamas with no money was placing a vulnerable person in more danger. Due to this the Hearing Panel did not find NA to be a fit and proper person to be taking passengers.




To refuse to grant the licence.

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