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Licensing and Appeals Committee

This page lists the meetings for Licensing and Appeals Committee.

Webcasts of meetings are available at Webcasts on Vimeo.

Information about Licensing and Appeals Committee

The Licensing and Appeals Committee discharges the duties of the Council in relation to a range of licensing and registration functions.


In general, decisions are made by the Committee under powers delegated to it under the Council Constitution and will not require to be referred to the Council for approval. Meetings are controlled by the chair, who is responsible for seeing that the business on the agenda is dealt with properly.


The Committee has previously agreed detailed procedures for dealing with certain types of applications. The role of officers at meetings is to present reports and to give procedural or legal guidance to the Committee


Copies of the agenda are available beforehand from the reception area at the main entrance of the Town Hall in Albert Square. Some additional copies are available at the meeting from the Governance Support Officer. 


The Council is concerned to ensure that its meetings are as open as possible and confidential business is kept to the strict minimum. When confidential items are involved these are considered at the end of the meeting at which point members of the public are asked to leave.