Council - Wednesday, 1st February, 2023 10.00 am

Venue: The Council Chamber, Level 2, Town Hall Extension

Contact: Andrew Woods 


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The Lord Mayor's Announcements and Special Business



To allow members an opportunity to declare any personal, prejudicial or disclosable pecuniary interest they might have in any items which appear on this agenda; and record any items from which they are precluded from voting as a result of Council Tax or Council rent arrears. Members with a personal interest should declare that at the start of the item under consideration. If members also have a prejudicial or disclosable pecuniary interest they must withdraw from the meeting during the consideration of the item



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To submit for approval the minutes of the meeting held on 30 November 2022.


Notice of Motion - Standing up for Wythenshawe

Council notes:-


·                Manchester City Council’s Executive approved their ambitious plans for the transformation of Wythenshawe Civic Centre on 18th February. These plans have been described as an ‘exciting and a ‘once in a generation opportunity’ by local people and reflect Manchester Labour’s ambition for Wythenshawe

·                After campaigning from local Wythenshawe Labour Councillors and Mike Kane MP over many years, these plans have been brought forward in conjunction with local people, and will see:

·         A new cultural hub with a community cinema

·         Job opportunities through office space and a new Enterprise Centre

·         Over 1500 low carbon homes (including genuinely affordable homes)

·         A new food hall, supporting day and night time businesses

·         A new civic square with top quality public realm

·         A new green transport hub; with EV charging and bike hire

·                Manchester Council with the support of Mike Kane MP submitted these plans to Government as part of the ‘Levelling Up Fund’- as it met all of the publicised criteria


Council further notes:-


·                This Council has had over £420million taken from its budgets since 2010, and across the country local Government has had £16 billion cut (which rises to over £40bn if you factor inflation)

·                In the Summer Leadership context Prime Minister Rishi Sunak boastedabout reversing Treasury formulas "that shoved all the funding into deprived urban areas”

·                The Government did not support the Wythenshawe Civic bid, and like most Labour Cities in the UK did not receive funding in this round.


Council resolves:-


(1)      That Manchester’s Labour Council will always stand up for the residents of Wythenshawe and despite the Government’s failure to back Wythenshawe Civic Centre the Labour Council will push ahead with it’s plans and seek a commitment that work will begin as soon as possible.

(2)      To call on the Government to support the plans for Wythenshawe through other means to help Level Up our city.

(3)      To call on the Government to fund local authorities fairly, so local council’s have the resource to fund vital projects like this themselves.

(4)      That Manchester’s Labour Councillors will always stand up for Wythenshawe.


Proposed by Councillor Craig, Seconded by Councillor Newman and Supported by: Councillors White, Lynch, Cooley, Evans, Whiston, Judge, Rawlins, Russell and Taylor


Notice of Motion - Attacks on Public Service Workers

Manchester Council sends support and solidarity to the Public Services Workers Rally in St Peters Sq. today.


Thirteen years of underfunding has forced nurses, ambulance drivers, teachers, and civil servants on to picket lines to defend and protect public services.


Rather than negotiating, the Government is rushing through an anti -strike bill that amounts to a full frontal attack on working people and their trade unions.


Manchester's workers and families need a new Government which will enhance worker rights and invest in public services


This Council resolves to condemn these attacks.



Proposed by Councillor Chambers, Seconded by Councillor Wright and Supported by Councillrs Rawson, Connolly, Stanton, Hilal, Karney and Doswell


Notice of Motion - Free School Meals

Over 42% of Manchester’s children are now living in poverty, according to the figures released in the Government statistics in 2021. The highest density of these residents live in the North and Central of the city, however there are other areas in the South where the residents face the same issues.


Free school meals should be available for all primary school children from Reception through to Year 11 and should not be restricted to Key stage 1 only, which is Reception, Year 1 and year 2. New analysis by Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG), based on free school meals, showed that children in poverty in England continue to be overlooked by government measures, with over 1 in 3 (800,000) children in poverty not qualifying for free school meals. These figures come as the cost of living crisis continues to worsen and cause hardship.


The government must not just stand and watch, this is the time change is needed. The Government must stop the eligibility test for free school meals and not put parents and children through the stigma of being poor. 


Free school meals are only provided for those who are eligible, this eligibility is so minute that it leaves a huge gap to those children whose parents are on Universal credit and earn above the threshold of £616.67 per month. Children aged 7-16 are affected by this eligibility as a lot of these children belong to low-income families, whose earnings are over £616.67 per month threshold but the household is below average income.


We hear from Headteachers and school staff how children come into school unable to have a warm meal due to the low household incomes. All children should be given meals during the school day without any assessments of parental income. We must make sure each child has the nutrition required for them to be able to concentrate and work to their full potential at school. An empty stomach compromises the child’s learning ability, Children need nutritious warm meals, for the health, wellbeing and development, no child should have to go hungry.


Manchester City Council recognised the shortfall, during lockdown due to coronavirus and provided free school meals in the holidays. The Government had not stepped in quick enough, and the Council had already put in the provision to support the families through the most difficult time.  The Council also supported children in vulnerable families known to the school who were outside the scope of free school meals but where an assessment had identified they required extra support in the holidays.


Parents are currently struggling with the cost of living; they are unable to source heating bills and will be worried about putting meals on the table. They will worry about using gas or electric cookers and ovens due to the cost of inflation of energy bills. There are hardworking parents out there having to visit food banks to put a meal on the table. Its is heart breaking to see families in our city living through  ...  view the full agenda text for item 6.


Notice and Motion - The Right to Strike and Protection of Workers' Rights

This Council recognises that the right of a worker to withdraw their labour is a fundamental and sacrosanct right which should not be undermined or diluted in any way.


This Council notes that this Conservative Government is seeking to undermine the right to strike by:


·                Allowing the use of Agency staff during industrial disputes

·                Introducing legislation to guarantee minimum levels of service during strike action.

·                Allowing the increasing use of fire and rehire


This Council calls for the UK Government to:-


·                Ban the use of Fire & Rehire by all employers in the UK

·                Ensure that the Health & Safety Executive is properly staffed and funded so that they can undertake workplace inspections unannounced. This includes the reversal of over £100 million pounds in cuts.

·                Support trade unions being allowed to use electronic voting for all elections and ballots including ballots for industrial action

·                Support the right of all workers to work from home from Day 1 for anyone who wants it after appropriate induction training, where practical.


This Council requests Leader of the Council to write to all Greater Manchester MPs, urging them to oppose all attempts in Parliament to undermine the fundamental rights of workers, and those of their trade unions to fight for improved pay and conditions for their members.


Proposed by Councillor Leech, Seconded by Councillor Bayunu and Supported by Councillors Johnson, Good and Nunney



Notice of Motion - Insourcing First Motion - Manchester City Council

This Council notes:-


·                All political parties represented on this Council are committed to democratic public services, support the principle of reversing the trend of providing Council services indirectly through outsourcing, and are committed to reversing this policy.

·                Multiple public polls that show that the UK public support public ownership.

·                Councils across the country spend hundreds of millions of pounds buying in essential goods, services and expertise from the private sector each year.

·                The Public Services (Social Value) Act was introduced in 2012. It provides a legal basis for public authorities to look for wider social, economic and environmental benefits when undertaking procurement exercises.

·                Evidence shows that insourcing public services can deliver lower costs, more efficiency, a public sector ethos, economies of scale and an enhanced level of democratic accountability to local residents.


The Council further notes:-


·                That a number of high value outsourced contracts for Manchester City Council are due to expire in the next few months.

·                The council has received numerous complaints about some of these contracts from the workforce and their union, as well as residents in receipt of services.

·                A report by Unite the union highlights how  contracts are being badly managed, resulting in a poor service for residents, mistreatment of the workforce and unacceptable waste and expenditure for the council.

·                We have a major opportunity to rebuild the council’s capacity to deliver services in-house, saving money, improving services for residents and raising terms and conditions for staff.


This Council believes:-


·                That residents are more likely to trust local councillors to take decisions on their behalf over and above private companies.

·                That public service workers and their trade unions support the insourcing of public services.

·                That investing in strengthening the council’s capacity, skills and ability to deliver services in-house will make the council more sustainable, innovative and effective for the long term.

·                That residents supporting their local councils to run services and redistribute wealth, will elect a national government willing to provide the financial resources to catalyse new social contracts and make public services local.


This Council therefore resolves to call on its Executive to:-


(1)      Run an urgent investigation into all outsourced contracts through the relevant scrutiny committee for the council.

(2)      Develop and implement a full business plan for re-insourcing the relevant contracts.

(3)      Immediately halt plans to commission the delivery of upcoming environmental retrofitting contracts and instead rebuild its direct labour organisation to deliver that work.

(4)      Develop and introduce an ‘Insourcing First’ policy that makes an assumption that all local authority services should be delivered in-house by the council, unless there are strong countervailing reasons not to, (e.g., the need for independence to prevent a conflict of interest or where local companies or the third sector are recognised as being better placed to provide the service that Manchester residents deserve).

(5)      Develop and introduce strong standards for tendering, bid evaluation and contract management for any outsourced contracts that are made with the council which evidences why this contract cannot be insourced as default  ...  view the full agenda text for item 8.


Proceedings of the Executive pdf icon PDF 236 KB

To submit the minutes of the Executive on 14 December 2022 and 18 January 2023, and in particular, to consider:


Exe/23/10        Large Scale Renewable Energy Generation - Solar Farm Purchase (Part B)


Recommend to Council approval of a capital budget increase of a maximum of £50m funded by borrowing on an invest to save basis, noting that the purchase will only progress if the Council is successful in its submission and it can be demonstrated that there are sufficient revenue savings to fund the capital financing costs.


Questions to Executive Members and Others under Procedural Rule 23

To receive answers to any questions that councillors have raised in accordance with Procedural Rule 23.



Scrutiny Committees pdf icon PDF 1 MB

To note the minutes of the following committees:


Communities & Equalities – 6 December & 10 January 2023

Resources & Governance – 6 December & 10 January 2023

Health – 7 December & 11 January 2023

Children & Young People – 7 December & 11 January 2023

Environment & Climate Change – 8 December & 12 January 2023

Economy – 8 December & 12 January 2023



Proceedings of Committees pdf icon PDF 230 KB

To submit for approval the minutes of the following meetings and consider recommendations made by the committee:


Audit Committee – 29 November 2022, and in particular, to consider:


AC/22/49       Code of Corporate Governance


To recommend to the Council that responsibility for approval of the Code of Corporate Governance is delegated to the Audit Committee and in doing so that Council:


      Agrees changes to the delegations to the Audit Committee set out in the Council's Constitution so that approval of the Code of Corporate Governance is the responsibility of Audit Committee.

      Agrees to delete the reference to the Code of Corporate Governance from the Council's Policy Framework at Article 4 of the Council’s Constitution; and

      Removes Section G of Part 6 ("Manchester City Council - Code of Corporate Governance") from the Council's Constitution.



Licensing Committee - 5 December 2022

Planning and Highways Committee – 15 December 2022 & 19 January 2023 (to follow)

Health and Wellbeing Board – 25 January 2023 (to follow)

Constitutional and Nomination Committee – 1 February 2023 (to be tabled)

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