Council - Wednesday, 1st December, 2021 10.00 am

Venue: The Council Chamber, Level 2, Town Hall Extension

Contact: Andrew Woods 

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The Lord Mayor's Announcements and Special Business

1.    To receive a presentation: Our Year 2022.

2.    Lord Mayor’s Special Recognition Award – Presentation to Claire Mooney in recognition of her significant contributions to women’s rights, workers rights and tackling homophobia and social injustice across the city.



To allow members an opportunity to declare any personal, prejudicial or disclosable pecuniary interest they might have in any items which appear on this agenda; and record any items from which they are precluded from voting as a result of Council Tax or Council rent arrears. Members with a personal interest should declare that at the start of the item under consideration. If members also have a prejudicial or disclosable pecuniary interest they must withdraw from the meeting during the consideration of the item



Minutes pdf icon PDF 308 KB

To submit for approval the minutes of the meeting held on 6 October 2021.


Notice of Motion - Serious Youth Violence and Trauma Informed Services

The Government’s austerity agenda has decimated police numbers and stripped youth service provision to the bone over the years, and this has clearly had an impact on the growth of Serious Youth Crime. The lives impacted by Serious Youth Crime often means we see lives cut short and futures lost. Families, friends, and communities devastated for what a turf war, toxic masculinity or more dangerously, criminal exploitation?


A 2021 report from Manchester Metropolitan University on Serious Youth Violence shows that while crime has fallen rapidly over the last 20 years, serious youth violence defined by the Youth Justice Board (YJB) as ‘any drug, robbery or violence against the person offence that has a gravity score of five of more’ – has been rising with figures showing that both perpetrators and victims of these offences are getting younger. According to the Youth Violence Commission Final Report, SYV in England and Wales generated a total economic and social cost of £1.3 billion in 2018/19; a rise of over 50 per cent since 2014/15.


Though the social and economic reasons for serious youth violence are multiple. However, one commonality is that serious youth violence is underpinned by Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). The 2021 report noted that youth justice workers interviewed for this research noted the high prevalence of ACEs among the children they work with. They noted how rare it was for a child to have only one or two ACEs, with most children having many more.


Adverse childhood trauma affects physical health, emotional balance, academic and professional capabilities and often interrupts lives with early death.


Therefore, this motion calls on Manchester City Council in 2022, which is also Manchester’s year of the child to champion not only greater awareness of ACEs and its consequences but ensure that children should receive trauma informed interventions by professionals at the point of adverse experiences. Children should have access to these services via schools, social services and health services. Early intervention in a child’s life can not only reduce the consequences of ACE but also potentially reduce the number of children presenting to services for Serious Youth Violence offences but also reduce the economic and social cost of Serious Youth Violence.


Proposed by Councillor M Dar, seconded by Councillor

Igbon and also signed (via email) by Councillors Battle, Doswell, Hussain and Riasat.


Notice of Motion - Stamp Out Spiking

The Council notes:


This October hundreds of women and young people took to St Peter’s Square in protests against a sharp rise in spiking cases.


Even though drink-spiking is an offence and can carry a ten-year prison sentence, it is hard to get a clear picture of the scale of drink spiking and spiking including spiking via injection: there simply is no recent or comprehensive publicly-available data on the number of reported cases.


According to Stamp Out Spiking national research, over 97% of victims don't report being spiked to the police, and generally people don't usually report spiking unless there are further offences committed.


Manchester is the home of the Women’s rights movement. We are proud as a city to have active campaigning and support organisations who have continually fought for the safety and protection of women.


The Council resolves:


To support initiatives which actively challenge cultural attitudes that allow sexual assault and harassment to take place including improving education for boys and men regarding personal responsibility, respect, consent and healthy attitudes to sex and relationships;


To explore whether conditions on licenced premises can be included through the Council’s licencing regime to ensure venues have appropriate security and staff training in place to improve safety including the search for spiking paraphernalia and recognising signs that someone could be perpetrating this offence;


To commit to work with key stakeholders, particularly those in the night time economy, to review and implement all possible safety options as a matter of urgency;


To ensure that women’s safety is a key focus on the Council’s Commission on Tackling Violence and Misogyny against Women and Girls that will be launched in 2022;


To write to the UK Government and seek clarity on its plans to classify misogyny as a hate crime, which would encourage reporting of spiking incidents and enable better categorisation of crime to understand the scale of the issue;


To ask the CEO and the new Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police Stephen Watson to write a joint letter to the government for a comprehensive review into the prevalence of, and response of the criminal justice system when investigating spiking offences. The review to consider the incidence rates and rates of reporting by victims; charging and prosecution rates for the offence; the adequacy of sentencing guidelines for the offence; the adequacy of police investigations into reports of the offence; re-offending rates, and rates of offenders who commit sexual offences following a charge or sentence for administering substance with intent; the impact of the offence on victims.

Proposed by Councillor Lynch, seconded by Councillor Stogia and also signed (via email) by Councillors Jeavons, Ludford, Midgley, Moore, Rahman and Russell


Proceedings of the Executive pdf icon PDF 164 KB

To submit the minutes of the Executive on 20 October 2021 and 17 November 2021 and in particular to consider:


Exe/21/98        Capital Programme Update


The Executive recommends that the Council approve the following changes to Manchester City Council’s capital programme:


·                Neighbourhoods – Blackley Crematorium Cremator Replacement Additional Funding. A capital budget increase of £0.203m is requested, funded by Borrowing.


Exe/21/113    Withington Baths Financial Support


The Executive recommends to Council a capital budget increase of £1 million for the purpose of a loan from Manchester City Council to Love Withington Baths Charitable

Trust, to be over a repayment period of a maximum of 25 years, and to be

funded from borrowing.


Exe/21/120    This City – Funding for Phase 1 Development


The Executive recommends that the Council approve a capital budget increase of £33m

funded by prudential borrowing.




Additional documents:


Questions to Executive Members and Others under Procedural Rule 23 pdf icon PDF 199 KB

To receive answers to any questions that councillors have raised in accordance with Procedural Rule 23



Resignation of the Leader of the Council - Councillor Sir Richard Leese


Appointment of Leader of the Council


Scrutiny Committees pdf icon PDF 1 MB

To note the minutes of the following scrutiny committees:


Communities and Equalities                      12 October & 9 November 2021

Resources and Governance                      12 October & 9 November 2021

Health                                                            13 October & 10 November 2021

Children and Young People                       13 October & 10 November 2021

Environment and Climate Change           14 October & 11 November 2021

Economy                                                       14 October & 11 November 2021




Additional documents:


Proceedings of Committees pdf icon PDF 645 KB

To submit for approval the minutes of the following meetings and consider recommendations made by the committee:


Constitutional & Nomination Committee  1 December 2021 (to be tabled)

Health & Wellbeing Board                           3 November 2021

Licensing & Appeals Committee               25 October 2021

Licensing Committee                                  25 October 2021

Licensing Policy Committee                       15 November 2021


LPC/21/07     Revised Gambling Policy 2022 - 2025

The Council is recommended to approve and adopt the Gambling Policy 2022-2025.

A copy of the policy is attached.


Personnel Committee                                 20 October 2021

Planning and Highways Committee         21 October & 18 November 2021

Standards Committee                                 4 November 2021



Additional documents:


Key Decisions Report pdf icon PDF 117 KB

The report of the City Solicitor is enclosed.