Manchester City Council

Agenda and minutes

Agenda and minutes

Personnel Committee - Thursday, 19th December, 2019 10.10 am

Venue: Council Antechamber, Level 2, Town Hall Extension

Contact: Donna Barnes 

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To agree the minutes of the meeting held on 5 December 2019 as a correct record.




To approve as a correct record the minutes of the meeting on 5 December 2019.




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The report of the Chief Executive is enclosed.

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The purpose of the Greater Manchester Continuity of Service Protocol was to provide a mechanism for recognition of service where an individual employed within local government or for the NHS in Greater Manchester moves employment between those sectors on a voluntary basis.


In May 2018 the Committee had considered the adoption of the Protocol by the Council (Minute PE/18/13). At that time the Committee had agreed to recommend that Council adopts the GM Continuity of Service Protocol on a discretionary basis and had delegated authority to exercise that discretion to the Director of HROD in conjunction with the relevant Strategic Director. The Committee had also delegated authority to the City Treasurer in consultation with the Executive Member for Finance and Human Resources to determine discretionary payments under the Protocol.


A report submitted by the Chief Executive now proposed that the Protocol be fully adopted, and the existing discretions and delegated authorities be withdrawn.


The report explained that increasing concerns had been voiced by trade union representatives at the Manchester Workforce Engagement Forum about the lack of a consistent position across Greater Manchester and the failure to adopt fully to the Protocol by major employers. In response to these concerns, the Chair of the Manchester Workforce Engagement Forum had met with employer and trade union representatives of the Greater Manchester Workforce Engagement Board in February 2019 and agreed the following steps.


·         Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership would undertake an impact assessment of the Protocol as adopted by local authority and NHS employers across GM and report back to Manchester Locality Workforce Transformation Group (LWTG).


·         The LWTG would complete a risk assessment based analysis of actual redundancies over preceding 12 months or potential future redundancies.


·         The LWTG would agree to recommend individual employing organisations in the Manchester Locality to adopt a collective position on the full adoption of the Protocol (subject to the outcomes of the above analysis).


The report explained that those steps had been undertaken and that the assessment had concluded that the risks associated with transferring redundancy cost liabilities between organisations were considered to be very low. It was also felt that the Protocol would offer opportunities to employers to identifying suitable employment across organisational boundaries should redundancies ever be contemplated in the future. The LWTG was therefore recommending that the employers, including the Council, fully adopt the Protocol. The Committee accepted that proposal, noting that there were no comments from the Trade Unions reported at the meeting.




1.         To approve the full adoption of the Greater Manchester Continuity of Service Protocol for relevant new starters with effect from 1st January 2020.


2.         To note that the below affected policies will be updated to reflect the agreed position.


·         Annual Leave Policy

·         Recruitment & Selection Policy

·         Contractual sick pay

·         Pay policy statement

·         Voluntary severance.

·         Maternity Policy

·         Paternity Policy

·         Maternity Support Policy

·         Shared Parental Leave Policy




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The report of the Chief Executive is enclosed.

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A report submitted by the Chief Executive proposed the creation of an additional senior management role in the Children’s and Education Services Department. This role was intended to provide strategic capacity and commissioning leadership and direction to the rest of the Children’s Leadership Team. A proposed structure chart appended to the report showed that this new post would report to the Strategic Director and be the line manager for the existing Commissioning Manager (Grade 12) post. The proposed grade of the new post was SS1. The Committee supported this proposal and agreed that the new post be added to the establishment, noting that there were no comments from the Trade Unions reported at the meeting.




To approve the creation of a new role of Strategic Lead for Commissioning Grade SS1 (£60,857 - £65,865) as part of the leadership team within Children’s and Education Services and reporting to the Strategic Director.