Council - Wednesday, 6th October, 2021 10.00 am

Venue: The Council Chamber, Level 2, Town Hall Extension

Contact: Andrew Woods 

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No. Item


The Lord Mayor's Announcements and Special Business

1.         To receive a presentation on the Armed Forces Covenant Gold Accreditation status for Manchester City Council.


2.         To receive a presentation on the progress of implementing the findings of the recent race review into Council workforce practices.



To allow members an opportunity to declare any personal, prejudicial or disclosable pecuniary interest they might have in any items which appear on this agenda; and record any items from which they are precluded from voting as a result of Council Tax or Council rent arrears. Members with a personal interest should declare that at the start of the item under consideration. If members also have a prejudicial or disclosable pecuniary interest they must withdraw from the meeting during the consideration of the item



Minutes pdf icon PDF 297 KB

To submit for approval the minutes of the meeting held on 14 July 2021.


Notice of Motion

This Council notes:-


Universal Credit was increased by £20 a week (or £1,040 a year) in April 2020 as part of a government support package when the country first went into lockdown. This was paid to all working age residents in receipt of Universal Credit and other means tested benefits. This has continued for the last eighteen months and has had a positive impact on residents and the economy of the city.


The government has now withdrawn this additional payment from 6 October 2021. This withdrawal will have a negative impact on low-income households in the city, including those that are working, and is also expected to have an impact on discretionary budgets including the Welfare Provision Scheme and the Discretionary Housing Payment scheme.


This will have a devastating impact on residents across our city. It has been calculated that the withdrawing of the £20 per week uplift will result in a loss of approximately £4.96m per month to families across our city. This will impact an estimated 58,339 households across Manchester.


Many of these households are working households in low paid jobs who rely on Universal Credit to make ends meet on a daily basis. We are talking about carers, shop workers, cleaners the roles that got us all through the pandemic. The roles that had previously been described as low skilled became some of the most important roles in society when Covid hit.


In Manchester we have a long standing commitment to creating good jobs for Manchester residents, proudly paying the real living wage and promoting the GM Good Employment Charter. We must continue to work to create good, sustainable jobs that all Manchester people can access.


This Council moves to:


·                Call upon the Conservative Government not to scrap the £20 per week uplift in Universal Credit.

·                Call upon the Government to increase the minimum wage to the real living wage that reflects the cost of living.

·                To support our residents impacted by government changes to benefits.

·                To continue to work to ensure jobs in our city are sustainable, secure and fairly paid.

·                To continue to support our residents through training and upskilling to make sure that jobs in this City are accessible to all of our residents.


Proposed by Councillor S Judge, seconded by Councillor Taylor and also signed (via email) by Councillors Baker Smith, Newman and Russell.


Proceedings of the Executive pdf icon PDF 239 KB

To submit the minutes of the Executive on 28 July 2021 and 15 September 2021 and in particular to consider:


Exe/21/74      Capital Programme Monitoring 2021/22


The Executive recommends that the Council approve the virement of £1.0m to the Maintenance Challenge Fund, consolidating the budget to enable priority works to be completed within the Highways Portfolio.


Exe/21/76 National Cycling Centre


To recommend that Council approves:-


·                The establishment of a capital budget of £22.456 million for the refurbishment of the Centre, funded from £20.566 million from borrowing and £1.89 million on a spend to save basis funded by joint funds held by Manchester City Council and Sport England and that Council; and

·                A virement from the Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme budget of £2.145 million


Exe/21/86      Capital Programme Update


Recommends that Council approve the following changes to Manchester City Council’s capital programme:


·                Children’s Services - Manchester Creative Media Arts Academy Completion Works. A capital budget increase of £0.661m, funded by borrowing.

·                Growth and Development - Manchester Equipment and Adaptations Partnership (MEAP) Relocation. A capital budget virement of £2.025m, funded by the Asset Management Programme budget.


Questions to Executive Members and Others under Procedural Rule 23

To receive answers to any questions that councillors have raised in accordance with Procedural Rule 23.



Scrutiny Committees pdf icon PDF 1 MB

To note the minutes of the following committees:


Communities & Equalities                    20 July 2021 and 7 September 2021

Resources & Governance                    20 July 2021 and 7 September 2021

Health                                                      21 July 2021 and 8 September 2021

Children and Young People                 21 July 2021 and 8 September 2021

Environment & Climate Change          22 July 2021 and 9 September 2021

Economy                                                 22 July 2021 and 9 September 2021




Additional documents:


Proceedings of Committees pdf icon PDF 666 KB

To submit for approval the minutes of the following meetings and consider recommendations made by the committee:


Audit                                                                27 July 2021 and 28 September 2021

Constitutional & Nomination Committee   6 October 2021 (to be tabled)

Health & Wellbeing Board                           1 September 2021

Licensing Committee                                    19 July 2021

Licensing & Appeals Committee                13 September 2021

Licensing Policy                                            16 August 2021

Planning & Highways                                   29 July 2021 and 23 September 2021                                      


Additional documents:


Places for Everyone pdf icon PDF 336 KB

Report of the Director of City Centre Growth and Infrastructure and Director of Planning, Building Control and Licensing attached.


Due to the size of the appendices of this report, these can be viewed on line:–

Additional documents:


Key Decisions Report pdf icon PDF 116 KB

The report of the City Solicitor is enclosed.